What’s New

What’s New for v2.10: Customize Notable Selections, other minor enhancements (3/30/2023)
-Notables Selections can now be added to, edited, and reordered. These changes are confined to the current trip (and trips cloned from the current trip.) (requested by Craig)
-The graphs viewable from within a Session now includes a reference line for the gambler’s stake.
-Reports now include the location of sessions if Detail level is chosen. (requested by Scott)
-The remaining stake for the session(s) is recalculated if the gambler or their stake changes.
-When creating or editing a Report Scope’s Activities there is now an option to sort the long list of possible choices before selection begins.
-When running a Report the output filename is not allowed to contain ‘/’ ie subdirectories.

What’s New for v2.9: GRAPHS! (2/18/2022)
-Graphs are now included at the top of most Reports.
-A graph is also viewable from within a Session that reflects the current Trip, current Gambler.
-Permission to access Photos (for associating with Session Notable Events by time stamp) is more rigorously checked. This was causing the app to hang at launch if permission had not been granted (starting with iOS 15). Fixed.

What’s New for v2.8: Easier to Maintain Multiple Reports
-Each Report Scope remembers its last associated Output Filename, so you don’t have to Select a Filename each time.
-Creating a large report now shows an activity indication instead of blocking the user interface.
-Reports Select scrolls to previously selected Filename
-Date pickers will revert to classic Wheels style if supported
-A cloned trip now correctly initializes the remaining stake balance of the first session
-Make sure a cloned trip has sessions before copying the first
-Emailing a named report now checks that the file exists and has content.
-Reports of type Sessions Summary now includes the Activity

What’s New for v2.7: Improved Report Viewer, Dark Mode, and Report Templates (for new installs)
-Improved Report viewer
-Improved appearance in Dark Mode
-Default Report Scopes improved: generalized, no longer scoped to a named Person so no customization required
-App Review will be occasionally requested
-Other minor improvements

What’s New for v2.6.004: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS July 3, 2020
-CORRECTED a long pause (10-20 seconds) at startup before the application became responsive (new behavior starting with iOS13). -First time app installations now correctly reflect the default setting “TRIP ARCHIVES: Store on iCloud TRUE”
-All functionality confirmed for iOS 13
-Other usability improvements including:
-Archives: List of archives initially scrolls to bottom (most recent)
-Clone this Trip now creates a first session based on the first session of the trip to be cloned
-Report Scopes can now be rearranged for convenience
-Locations for a trip can now be rearranged for convenience -Other minor fixes

What’s New: All functionality confirmed as of iOS13.3 Jan 15, 2020

What’s New for v2.5: CRASH FIX (ON iOS 12) Oct 18, 2018
– Crash Fix: When run on iOS 12 Gamble Diary would close (crash) when the user attempted to view a report. This was due to a naming conflict between the app and a new iOS 12 PDF framework. This has been corrected.

– Crash Fix: First time installations of the app were failing to open (crashing) due to the lack of Apple’s recently required Photo Usage Description. This has been corrected and the first time user will now see, “Gamble Diary can associate photos with Notable Events you enter based on timestamp” when asked if Gamble Diary should be allowed to access their photos.

What’s New for v2.1, 2.2, 2.3: UPDATES for USER REQUESTS, FIXES, DEVICES, and iOSs – User suggested enhancement requests
– Testing on newer devices and iOS versions
– Bug fixes as needed
– Please see the App Store for the latest version notes

What’s New for v2.0: PHOTOS, SHARING, and the CLOUD
– Notables (noteworthy events) can now include a photo. New or existing photos on your iOS device are automatically associated with Notables based on time proximity, and can be selected or unselected.
– Notables can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, mail, and message.
– Trip archives can now be stored to iCloud, ready to load/restore on all your iOS devices. Use this feature to (for example) review or edit trips on your iPad that you have created on your iPhone.
– Other usability improvements including:
– Support for iOS 7 and iPad
– Trip cloning (to create a new trip that is similar to a prior trip)
– Added more Notable descriptions: Having Fun, Photo Op, Free Spins, Wild Royal, 5 of a Kind – Notable and Session default time calculations are improved
– Currency symbols besides ‘$’ can be set for trips